December 2, 2018

I believe that dealing with adversity is less about who you are and more about how you think.

When things get hard, why is it that some of us thrive while others break? We’re constantly surrounded by people with self doubt (myself included) and people who always make themselves out to be the victim. I’ll be the first to tell you that there is no room for either of those things. Adversity is something that we all go through. The problems that arise in our daily lives are inevitable and sometimes unpredictable so why do some of us choose to fight it?

For the longest time I used to tell myself that my idea of happiness is to live a life with no worries - in essence a life where there was no adversity to overcome. But if that were the case what is going to challenge me? What success stories will there be to celebrate? Without being challenged to think, act and see in different ways, life would no longer be filled with opportunities of growth. Instead it would becomes a submissive display of no highs or lows - a straight line on the heart rate monitor. 

I think it’s important that we all remember that we’re not alone in our adversity. Nobody is the first to experience cancer, unemployment, a death, a breakup… you’re never alone. So ask for help because chances are that there are people out there who have overcome the adversity you are facing right now.  A success story is only as good as the adversity overcome, after all, It’s the underdog everyone roots for.