Ever considered applying the strategy in your fitness plan to your life?

When it comes to the gym, we go in with a plan. Maybe two days a week are "push" days and two days other days are "pull" days and one day is for abs and cardio work. When we go in with a strategy we trust it and know that it will get us to where we want to be. We highlight every bit of definition we see and look for new changes that are in line with our end goal. Now, why is it so hard for us to do this for our life?

I personally struggled with creating a plan for my life and following it. I would get super impatient and automatically think that my plan was not working. I always thought something was off or I was missing that one thing that was going to shift everything. I would constantly change the plan and then realize that I am in the same place and not moving forward.

Being a fitness coach I sat down and thought "why is it that workout plans work?" What is in those plans that I am lacking in my life plan? The two biggest factors are consistency & time and that was exactly what I was missing. The moment I realized this is when everything shifted.

Consistency & time; I had neither. I wasn't putting in the time consistently. Not only was I not showing up daily I was changing the plan every moment I didn't see a quick win. In fitness, I wouldn't change my workout plan after a few days or weeks. I follow the plan and give it time to work. I put in x amount of hours each day without question but when it came to my life I found trouble doing the same. Without doing the work things can't happen, period. When you're working out, you go in knowing that it takes time and instead of being impatient you notice small changes and that is satisfying.

What if we apply this plan to our life? What if you were consistent? What if you noticed the small wins? What if you trust the plan you've created?

Having patience is hard but by applying consistency and time to your plan there is no reason why it shouldn't work. You have to trust in it the same way you'd trust a workout routine. The more I applied this the more aligned my life has become with where I want to go. My patience with success has grown because I noticed this; it's not about the end goal, it's about small wins along the way.