I had the privilege of sitting down with one of my closest friends, Reinaldo, for Labor as a part of their Patience theme. I’ll try not to rehash too much of what was said but I do have some additional thoughts on the subject that I’m hoping can help others. I wouldn’t classify myself as an impatient person per se. However, I definitely have my bouts with patience that can make me a bit irrational and antsy. A couple of things have helped with the process. Namely, bits of gems from people I look to for inspirational on occasion. When Rei introduced the topic to me these three bits of advice immediately came to mind.


The first is from the legend himself, Jay-Z. His message in a nutshell is that we all have our own individual paths. A big part of my impatience is when I feel I should be further along in life than I am which causes a couple of problems. It’s during those times that I lean heaviest on Hov’s words. What we go through in life is specific to us. I’m where I need to be in life so looking at another person is selfish and a bit irresponsible. In doing so, I neglect all of the blessings that I have and that’s a real dark road to go down. I don’t want to be the kind of person that can’t appreciate anything. I find it best to trust the process and to trust in life. The journey you’re on is specific to you and it’s happening for a reason.


Another piece of advice that really resonated with me came from my favorite musician, Drake or more specifically, Drake’s mother.  It’s called the 72 Hour Rule and it’s really helpful when it comes to keeping things in perspective. Basically, if something’s really bothering you give it 72 hours and if it’s still on your mind then you can react. I feel like we can all get deeply embroiled in feelings and that causes impulsive actions. A good friend of mind told me these feelings will pass. That includes the good and the bad. It all comes and goes. Going back to the rule, everything doesn’t require three days. If you’re really feeling impatient just sit, breathe, and relax. Most of the time whatever it was that I was stressing about turned out to be insignificant. Again, if it’s still on your mind after that then you know what’s truly important to you.


Probably the most powerful piece of advice comes from entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve gotten so much value ever since I found his content.  This last bit is really a mix of gems. The first part is simply that everything takes time. It’s a simple concept that really clicked for me the more and more he stressed age. Society can make it seem that if you’re not a millionaire by 27 then you’re a failure. I host a growing podcast named Coolin’ Out with two friends. In the beginning, I stressed everything. There wasn’t a day that went by that I wouldn’t repeatedly look at the analytics. The pod’s truly when my patience is tested the most because it’s my passion. We started the pod and I thought it should just be big overnight. This was around the same time I started consuming Gary’s content and it really made me reflect. To build an audience in the ever growing market of podcasts takes time. People put years into their crafts. Looking back, it was a really arrogant mindset on my part. The age component of this is that I can do this for five more years and I’ll still be a young man. It really humbled me and helped me tremendously.

Those pieces of advice from Jay-Z, Drake, and Gary Vaynerchuk have aided me time and time again. Things that truly last take time and they should. With that being a given, It’s best to embrace the process. What I realized is that my impatience comes from wanting certain things like a bigger podcast audience or even more money immediately. Fortunately, as time goes on both of those things are thankfully growing. It’s growth that I truly embrace and make a note to be grateful for. We’re all impatience for different reasons but I hope these bits of advice can help.