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I've tried just about everything to obtain happiness. I bought nice things. I hooked up with girls. I worked hard at jobs I don't like so I can get a raise. I even got a job working for brands which I was sure would do it but none of it worked.

We are all pursuing some form of happiness in our lives. That’s why a lot of us spend time doing things we don't wanna do and buying things we don't really need. 

But why? 

When I really think about it, all I'm doing is chasing the unachievable. It's an endless pursuit that will never end because once I obtain something that I think will make me happy, I will chase something new. I've come to realize that happiness can’t be the end goal. Happiness is just a byproduct of something that is more important: usefulness. 

Most things we do in life are activities and experiences. We go on extravagant vacations. We go to exclusive restaurants. We go to intimate concerts. These things make me happy but they are not useful. I'm not creating anything other than content that I can share on Instagram and these things don't give my life meaning.

What I find really makes me happy is when I’m useful. When I create something that is useful to others or even when I create something that is useful to me. I love creating things people love. When I'm doing something that's useful I feel that I'm working towards something larger than life. Oftentimes the more work I put in the greater the end goal becomes. What was once thought of as an impossible task starts to look more and more achievable and that's exciting. There's something very powerful about taking a thought that lives in your head and actually making it so other people can experience it. When that idea can impact the world in a big way or even just make it a little better, then that's when you're onto something. That's what life should be about.

Being useful is a mindset you have to implement. One day not too long ago I woke up and thought to myself "What am I doing for this world?" The answer was nothing. That same day I started Labor with my partner Dex. We started writing. We started doing interviews. We started an Instagram page. We started doing things little by little that made us feel like we were providing value to others and ourselves. We now feel like we are doing something that matters. 

I make no profit out of doing this. In fact I need to dedicate a lot of my time to this and ironically I have to take time away from the things I usually do to make me happy like going to the movies, like going out to dinner, like going out with my friends until 4am. But by doing less chasing and prioritizing my time to be useful I feel like I have a reason for existing. I feel like I'm on the path to something great. I guess time will tell.