It's that time of year again! You know when everybody and their mother is at the gym working out because new year = new me right? But then February rolls around and the gym is half empty again and those people aren't sweating anymore. I never got the concept of waiting until the beginning of a new year to implement your goals but it seems like most of us do. The key for implementing any real change is consistency and to be consistent you need to be able to motivate yourself without relying on anybody else. I find that a lot of people blame "time" as the reason behind not doing something but that's BS. You make time for the things you value the most and if your goals aren't high on your list, you won't do them.

I'm not a life coach or motivational speaker by any means but I had a life changing experience recently after hiking a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail with my closest friends. The three days I spent on the trail were the hardest of my life. It made me realize what's really important and now anything else I do is easy in comparison. So here are some steps I've learned to implement on a daily basis that can help you actually follow through with your New Year's goals, however big or small, with long term consistency.


The 5 Second Rule: For Execution

This may be the single best life hack I've implemented because it's so damn simple. Next time you're tempted to procrastinate or press the snooze button instead of waking up, count down from 5 and at the end just do what it is you should be doing. If that's waking up, spring up like a rocket ship. If it's finishing a book your writing, just do it. By implementing this 5 second rule you're able to control your focus. Mel Robbins is a genius for this. Watch her interview on Lewis Howes to learn more the 5 second rule.

Meditate: For a Clear Vision

The mind needs to be in a place of peace for you to be able to maximize your output. Taking 5-15 minutes to meditate every day helps reset your mind and create clarity. Meditating helps formulate your intention for each day and then act upon it. The clearer you are with what you want, the easier it will become to create it. I recommend trying out the Headspace app to get you started.

Set Milestones: For Stronger Belief

The end goal can't be achieved without taking the necessary steps. When you start making smaller goals and achieving them, the end goal is viewed more and more obtainable. This viewpoint instills a belief system and helps motivate you to keep on pushing.

Set Boundaries: For Accountability

We're only human so every now and then we can get off course. It's important to set boundaries with yourself of what you can and cannot do in order to achieve your goal. If I'm on a diet and I slip up, it's ok but hold yourself accountable by making up for it. Do an extra 15 minutes of cardio next time around so you can stick to your word. This is all about being a person of integrity.