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For our inaugural collaboration Jarel and Kev sit down to discuss the recent 'Forbes Wealthiest Celebrities' list in which 21-year-old Kylie Jenner and 49-year-old Jay Z tied for $900 million a piece. The guys thought that it'd be a good example to highlight the adversity that the average circumstances present to people from the neighborhoods Jay came from in comparison to Kylie. This was a fun piece of bonus content that we hope you guys enjoy. Our goal is to have one of these monthly if not more in conjunction with Coolin’ Out.


Feature 2

Our friends from Coolin' Out (@coolinoutpod) wanted to focus on a different side of adversity. The side of adversity that hinders people from achieving their goals or reaching their peak. More specifically, when adversity no longer remains in a state of adversity, but instead, just becomes excuses.


Feature 3

Coming soon.