Fabiana was born in South Italy and moved to New York 1 year ago without knowing how to speak english and not knowing anybody. Now she's living her dream as a self-made stylist who helps people feel more confident in how they dress. She's also launching her own streetwear clothing line called "New York City Dreamers" for everyone out there who's fighting to make their dreams happen. After getting to know Fabiana we became fascinated with her courage and commitment to going after her dreams. Fabiana doesn't consider herself a patient person but she has a great grasp of what patience is and she applies it to her daily life. For her it's not about seeing results right away but rather taking action little by little and staying focused. Her story is one that you need to hear.


When I lived in Italy I had a 9-5 job behind a desk. I wore a suit and dealt with many clients for a big corporate company and every day was the same routine. My dreams were being sucked away from my daily routine and the job I didn't want to do. But I was forced to do it because I had to pay the rent and because maybe in some way, you want to answer to society's idea of success. In Europe there's this idea that to have success you have to get a degree and get a corporate job. You have to work 9-5, get a family and every day of your life is going to be the same. That's the maximum you can get in Italy. But inside of me something was screaming. Everyday something was burning and I knew this way of life wasn't right for me. I wasn't experiencing even 10% of the person I am. I was doing what I loved to do in my free time because I thought it was only a hobby and I could never turn that into a full-time job. 

One day I was so sick of my life that I went to my boss and I quit. I made this choice because we live only once. I'm burning all my life doing things I don't want to do and spending time in a city that I don't like. The life that I built today is not making me happy so what's the point? Why am I here? I had the courage and I quit everything. I left my big comfort zone. I was living in a big house with a car because my corporate job was well paid. So I left my house, I left my car, I left my ex boyfriend. I left everything about that life because when I looked myself in the mirror I didn't recognize myself. So I took a one-way flight to New York and I started from nothing. I didn't know anyone here. I didn't have friends, I didn't know english! 


"Sometimes when we look 

aT our dreams we lose 

motivation because 

we think that we're 

dreaming too big."

I got an idea of building a business around being a stylist but I didn't know how I could without having anything. I started bringing my laptop everyday to a coffee shop and designing my website and business cards. Then I started going around talking to people. I started buying advertising on some websites and spoke to hotels about hitting the tourist target who's willing to shop and look like a New Yorker. Fashion has always been my passion. I would always dress up in an eccentric way and in Italy I was always judged for that. Italy is so conservative. Everyone thinks that Italy is the capital of fashion but it's not. In the corporate environment I was in I was a little more outside the line. I was being judged because I was so loud. Now I can be as loud as I want and I don't give a damn. I can be whoever I want to be and I'm finally the owner of my future. Now that idea that was born in the coffee shop is paying my rent. My visa got extended because of that idea. I'm now authorized to do business with that idea and that's amazing.


"Now I can be as loud as I want and I don't give a damn. I can be whoever I want to be and I'm finally the owner of my future."


I'm not a patient person. My dad always told me that I should be more patient. I'm always in a rush inside me. I always feel like my time is running out and this is probably what pushed me to move. But patience is something that's really really important. I think that everything is a journey. You can't go from point 1 to point 10, you have to go from point 1 to point 2 then point 3 and be patient to go through all the phases. Stop thinking that you should be there already because there are no short cuts. You have to go through the process. You have to eat shit for a while before you can receive the validation that your idea is actually working. Also the most important thing is to try and think about the space between who you are and who you want to be and let this space inspire you and not terrify you. This thought helped me to be more patient. I think that happiness is not about having everything now. You can find happiness in your every day inspiration to be something more. Now when I wake up I have a plan and I have projects. That is making me happy. Some people want everything right now and I think that's not happiness. That won't make you as happy as having a journey to reach your goals.


"Don't complain anymore and just try to fight for what you want!"

Patience is the main tool that allows you to be proud of yourself in the future because you know that you went through a lot to reach that goal. What I always think too is to not look at the top of the mountain. Divide your goal in little steps so you can go step by step and not being terrified by the top of the mountain. If someone told me when I first came here that one year from now I would be a stylist in New York with two clients per day and a clothing line, I would think that's not possible. In my mind the plan was there but it was something that was so huge. When I was looking at that goal I was feeling so small. Sometimes when we look at our dreams we lose motivation because we think that we're dreaming too big. What I want to tell to everyone is don't be scared to dream big. Dream as big as you can because if you fight for what you want you will build your future. If you're able to focus on that goal you will get it. That I learned. I didn't wait to have everything figured out. I didn't make a plan because life is continuously evolving. You can't have a plan that allows you to have a complete forecast of what's going to happen. You just go for it.

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