Reinaldo PilotO + 

Dexter Black

Creators of Labor

As the founders of Labor It's only appropriate that we introduce ourselves to the world on the topic of openness. It's a topic that resonates a lot with us, the creative community and we believe it will be something that is covered consistently throughout our journey.  

Dex: Do you practice openness in your life?

Rei: I think actually that most of my life I haven't practiced it. As of late I've realized how important it is and I've had to open myself up especially when it comes to relationships. I've always been very much more of an introvert, very closed off but the more I was like that the more I realized it did more wrong than good. It actually pushed people away. I always had this cold demeanor, I was very to myself and it didn't really benefit me as much as being open.

Rei: What's your definition of openness?

Dex: You know I always cared about openness but I never thought about the meaning of it until we started bringing Labor to life. I don't think I can define it with a straight forward answer. I find that the best way to define it is as the intersection of many things. First, transparency, the ability of being honest and upfront and not hiding yourself. Also the idea of frankness, speaking your mind and saying what you mean and telling your truth. Also nakedness and I mean this in a spiritual and physical way because I think you're never more vulnerable than when you're naked. Spiritually naked in the sense that you're not covering up your feelings and what you really are about. Lastly, I know it sounds redundant but just being open. Open to new things, like allowing the world or the people outside you to influence you and the world to give you feedback.

Rei: Why do you think openness is important?

Dex: I think it's one of the most important things you can do as a person because you can't really connect with someone who isn't open. You can't have a human connection with other people or even your inner self. You can't connect with someone who is not vulnerable. You can't connect with someone who is not willing to be true to you in a way. I guess I mean it in a more personality kind of way. Nobody likes people who are fake because you cannot really connect with fake people. They're not being themselves and you can feel that right away.


"I'm doing this not only because I want to hear other peoples stories, I'm doing this because I'm learning a lot about myself. Other people are forcing me to think differently and gain different perspectives on different topics."

Rei: What are you trying to get out of Labor?

Dex: Labor comes from this place that every creative person has where we feel like we are here for a reason and we are creative for a reason. We want to have a medium to experiment with. In a very holistic way you want to make an impact in the world and I know that sounds cheesy but as a creative you feel like you have the tools to really make an impact but you feel like those tools, the creativity and even the talent at times is wasted. Then you either settle down or try to find those outlets where you can create something of value for yourself and other people. I think Labor is that. We want to make the differentiation between work and labor and bring a new meaning to finding your place in this world.

Rei: Yea, impacting the world sounds cheesy but that's only because not enough impact is being done. We all gotta come together and realize we have a choice. We have a choice with what we do with our skills. We can better the world, better our lives. Everyone is so talented. It amazes me when I meet somebody and I see how talented they are but they don't realize it.

Dex: What do you think is the most difficult part of being open?

Rei: I feel like a lot of people depend on something to happen, some sort of validation for them to feel self worth. That's the problem. You need to know your worth. 

Dex: I always feel like I carry this sense of inadequacy. Like I don't fit it or I'm awkward or weird because I come from a different perspective on things. Like you said, it's really important not to wait for some type of outside validation. It's ok, I'm allowed to be flawed and we can be together with our differences. If you live your life trying to get validation from other people you're never really going to be happy because you won't be true to yourself. 

Dex: What do you expect other people to get out of labor?

Rei: I expect people to gain a new perspective on their own life. I hope they're inspired to go after what they want out of life, whatever that is. 

Dex: I want people to feel identified and to know they aren't alone in how they feel about things. Also to get this impression that it's not wrong to feel any type of way. It's not wrong to feel insecure, it's not wrong to feel any of the issues we're going to talk about. It's just human.


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the only thing we should 

Punish is inaction.

Rei: To piggyback on what you said, I also want people to know that they should make mistakes. I've made so many mistakes throughout my life but I've learned from them and the lessons I've learned are invaluable.

Dex: I don't why we live in this society where we punish mistakes so much. Since you're a little kid they tell you that making mistakes is bad. There's no freedom to experiment and try things a different way because we're so afraid of making mistakes.

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