Chris was born and raised in New York City and works for a real estate / co-working company called WeWork. He finds that all his experiences and being open has brought him to a place in his life where he's meeting people from all over the world and it's exciting. Although Chris is an embodiment of someone who lives to enjoy life, he stresses the importance of constantly asking yourself if the things you're doing on a daily basis make you better.

What is your definition of openness?

Openness from a corporate stand point is having channels of communication not go vertical rather than lateral. Whereas people aren't looking at the boss as the end all be all. The thing I like about WeWork is that regardless of your title or your tenure, it's a very linear with ideas and concepts and just general day-to-day aspects are decided by people who have not been there very long. As long as there's a good idea and it can benefit everyone there's a willingness to implement which I really appreciate.

What is your inspiration?

My inspiration has shifted. My inspiration was myself when I was younger. I cared more about how I was doing, how I was happy. It was all about me me me. As I've gotten older being in a relationship now....this is fucked up and I guess the point of an interview but I guess I care more about what others think, but others in the sense of people that I'm very close with and who I love. I get why my dad as a father when i was growing up was like "what do you plan on doing with your life?" because he just wanted me to do well. It goes from me me me to how are others receiving me.

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"I'm just trying to find what makes me happy. There's family, there's work and then there's this grey area and I think many People are trying to find that third option."

What's your favorite thing about New York City?

My favorite thing about New York City is diversity. I love meeting people who are not me. I love meeting people who can expose me to things I've never experienced in my life. I think the more eyes you can see through the more you'll hit these moments where you have perspective during the struggles. Perspective is good when life is really good, perspective is good when it's really bad. The diversity of New York gives me perspective. You can go two ways growing up in New York. You can go in one direction that maybe isn't the most positive because there's so much stimulus. Then there are those who take the stimulus and combine it with meeting new people and they thrive. But in NYC it's not an option. You definitely have to meet people, you definitely have to interact because it's lonely if you don't.

What do you think is your purpose in life?

As long as I can wake up and I have my health and my family and the ability to have good wine, I'm ok, I don't need much. Life is short you have to enjoy every moment. I kinda feel like that's my purpose in life - to help people enjoy the moment.

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"Whatever you expect in life, plan for the opposite."



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